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Dustin Doty

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Colorado native and artist through and through, comics from when I was young were my first great inspirations. Born 1979 in Denver and lived for ten years in Strasburg east of Denver until moving to Durango. There I acquired substantial initial art training and knowledge throughout high school. Knowledge gained from here cemented the fact that I knew I would be working as an artist in some way for life. 

I moved to Tempe Arizona directly after high school for an AA degree in Graphic design, and then I moved back to Denver in 2004 for further art education At Rocky Mountain College of art and design. There I gained the vital knowledge in art styles and techniques that I would eventually apply to my career in being a tattoo artist. Most of my works are reference based that covers colorful expressive realistic style as well as abstract works in charcoals. 

I have been tattooing for over seven years starting in 2009, developing a broad ability to cover a variety of styles. Black and grey is my strong point in my work but I do enjoy custom color works as well. When I’m not tattooing I’m obviously drawing or painting.  Watching movies, reading books on art or some form of existentialism. 


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