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Christine Garcia

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Hi friends, I'm Christine! I am a Colorado native and have been an artist my entire life! Creating things has always made my soul happy and I am so fortunate, now, to bring that happiness to other people!

For a long time, I didn’t think art was something I could do as a career, but that didn’t make me love it any less or stop practicing it in different ways every day! I used to draw on my notes during class and even drew on myself while I was studying. For my anatomy classes, I hand drew every bone, muscle, ligament, and blood vessel that I needed to study on myself and on a friend to better visualize anatomical structure. When I wasn’t in class, studying, or working, I was always painting or starting an art project at home! I got my first tattoo my sophomore year in college and it absolutely changed the way I looked at myself. I never really had a great relationship with my body/body image and it was the first time I realized that a tattoo can actually make me love myself more and I really wanted to do that for other people.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from CU Denver and, despite getting a job and working in my field, it just didn’t feel right to me; my soul craved something more. I quit my public health job to start teaching as an art instructor at Painting with a Twist, started my business, Colorado Native Creative LLC, the same year, and started selling painting commissions. I met so many artists in the first year that my business was established and it made me realize the opportunities that the creative industry had for me so I decided to go for my dream and start my journey as a tattoo artist! Since then, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to tattoo beautiful designs on some pretty awesome people and help positively impact their lives with my art.

I love designing art and tattoos in all styles and particularly enjoy tattooing designs with colorful, abstract, and/or realistic aspects. I’ve been focusing more on color realistic and gold/chrome tattoos recently and would absolutely love to do more of them! My goal with every tattoo is to create art that makes you feel more confident in your body!