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Lucky 13

Justin Pain

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Local artist from Denver with a passion for painting, music, and travel. Growing up in the north suburbia of the city, drawing was the biggest escape outside of being on a bike, or kicking a ball. Using ink came quickly and naturally at about ten years old, yet the discovery of a potential for needles didn't come until nine years later. 

A majority of the time, drawing and painting will be the focus to maintain authenticity of originality and personal connection to the muse. Getting to know people and why they do what they do, or where they come from is a big passion of mine and a great source of my inspiration. Studying culture and psychology play a huge part in my creative process, each subject feeds into a darker, more surreal, and distilled approach, that I’m always working to refine. Criticism of the collective narrative through art is what creation is all about to me. Reflecting our lives and society through iconography that we worship for one reason or another.

Trail running is my best answer to getting active and being outside, so the week is ideally begun with a solid day trip to the mountains. Camping and road tripping will be a big part of the years to come as well as having my sights set for a livable road vehicle towards the end of the year. My aim is to prioritize an education and growth toward my true passions by learning how to do experimental piercings and suspension as well as how to work with nature and psychedelics in a professional and certified way.


Fine Art