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Delaney Cottrell

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My name is Delaney. I was born in Colorado. I moved around growing up but the colors here in Colorado makes me stay. My dad is a musician, my mom is an artist, and I grew up in a family of creatives that shaped me into the artist I am today. I’ve been creating since my first memories, drawing, painting, origami, crocheting, any way I could express myself I would.

My journey as a tattoo artist started when I was 18, and I fell in love. Creating permanent art and seeing the confidence it gave my clients created a whole new purpose in life. All the sudden all I wanted to do was find a way to apply my art in a way that changed peoples lives forever, and long after. Being in this industry has also fueled a passion to change the tattoo industry forever. I want to create a kind environment for all my clients, a place with no judgement and full creative freedom. My art style reflects black and grey realism, and a detail for the human face. I love portraits. However , my tattoo style is still ambiguous. I love color tattoos, from pastels and neons, to the muted earthy tones of Neo-traditional. I take inspiration from Hannah flowers ,Andresinkman, and other neo traditional artists.  I’m looking to take risks and expand my style out of my comfort zone. I love doing unique one of a kind tattoos, and improving my craft one tattoo at a time.