Daniel Wardell

Lucky 13
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 Ever since i can remember the one thing that has always been a constant desire was art. drawing and coloring everything i could was what i loved to do. after a smooth transition into a nice steady rebelious teenage era, I took my love for creating art and was introduced to the taboo, rebelious, amazing world of tattoos. i immediately knew how i wanted to spend my life, but dealing with discouragement and higher expectations led me to try the "safe" route and try college and working "real" jobs. after trying school for mortuary science, psychology, and anything else i thought would actually be bearable enough that i could do everyday until i'm dead, even a term in the United States Navy, only reassured what i already knew. I will never work a standard job that i dont love doing. life is to short to waste it not doing what you want to do, so i finally decided to stop the sharade and dive fully into tattooing. starting around 9 years ago, with a few years of hiatus in between, gives me 6 years of experience in custom tattooing and piercing, and i've loved every bit of it.

I don't “specialize” in any style in particular and i see myself as a well rounded type of artist. I love and welcome all tattoos and piercings, however the start of my tattoo career and throughout the years i have found that i love American traditional and Neo traditional and have had the most clent's in those styles. I like to remind myself that it doesn't matter in the least if i dont like realism tattoos or whatever the case may be, if my client wants a realism tattoo, i have to make sure that i can give them the best realistic tattoo i can give them and i never want to turn away a request but i will never give anybody a tattoo that i'm not 100 percent comfortable doing. If i'm not the artist to fulfill a client's request, i will make sure that they get in contact with another artist here that WOULD be comfortable.

I'm definitely not the type of artist that is in it to make a buck, i genuienly LOVE to be able to do tattoos for a living. i put 100 percent into the artwork as well as the client's overall experience. this isn''t a job to me, or even a career.... it's my PASSION. i have a bright, friendly, peronality and besides tattooing, i love meeting and bonding and forming relationships with my clients. they become part of the family. My hippy mother instilled in me a genuine love for humankind as well as nature and the earth around us, so with all the darkness in our world, i love that i can put a little more hapiness into it. "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. and hate cannot drive out hate, only love can." and by love, I really mean great tattoos. (LOL) If you're reading this, i hope i can get the chance to have you in my chair and give you the best, cleanest, friendliest, most proffesional tattoo experience you can possibly have. we here at Lucky 13 are all artists first and tattooers second. AND... if given the chance, can guarantee you will walk out our doors happy. thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!